Saturday, 6 November 2010

Drawing the left hand from the right side of the brain...?

When I got home from sketching in Brizzle today, I dug out The Book again, and picked up where I left off - using the picture plane to learn how to draw foreshortened objects. In English, that means using a piece of glass that has a basic four-square grid on it to draw 3-D objects on a 2-D plane.

Today's exercise was to draw my left hand. I started by tracing the outline of the hand in marker directly onto the picture plane, and then recreating the outer frame and grid on paper. Then, with the picture plane beside the paper, I had to mark the key points of the outline on the paper. Then, looking at my left hand (the actual hand) which was in the same position, I had to draw the rest of the detail and shading etc.

Overall, I'm pretty happy with how these turned out. It took about an hour or so to draw both of these, and I found that I really started to focus as I got more into the detail. So much so, that I even managed to completely tune out Ireland's defeat to South Africa... which is not necessarily a bad thing ;)

Incidentally, I found out last week that two of my fellow Bristol Sketchers have used this book and they are both incredibly talented, so that's inspired me to continue working through it. I'm going to try to spend a couple of hours on it again tomorrow. I've also vowed to take my sketchbook with me to work every day this week and to try to take just five or ten minutes each day to stop, have a coffee and draw something. So hopefully I'll have some more little sketches to upload here during the week :)

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