Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Some photos from Norway

At the start of the month I visited Norway for the first time ever, and was astounded by the beauty of this fabulous country. I arrived in Sandefjord on a damp and drizzling Sunday afternoon, but even the rain couldn't hide the majesty of the scenery around me. The top photo was actually taken on my mobile phone  which really doesn't do justice to the place.

And, of course, there were millions of boats, so I was happy :)

After the conference in Sandefjord, I headed up to Oslo for the weekend. I was kicking myself for only bringing my little Polaroid digital camera because the city is absolutely stunning. Amazing architecture everywhere and the harbourside is just beautiful. I didn't take that many photographs in the end because I was too busy trying to take it all in myself.

The top photo shows a beautiful ship that was docked in the harbour. Underneath that is the original Viking ship Gaia which has been completely reconstructed and sits in the Viking Ship Museum in Bygd√ły. And the bottom photo is the view from the Royal Palace, looking down Karl Johans Gate at dusk.

Definitely have to go back to Oslo with my Canon SLR :)

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